Core API

This is the main API the game talks to. Most of its endpoints require a token with the NadeoServices audience.

Through this API, tokens for specific audiences can be requested (see Authentication).


Endpoints list

There is an endpoint that provides all of the available endpoints. It does not require any authentication, and as such can be viewed directly in the browser.

Tokens authenticated through dedicated server accounts as described in Authentication can not use certain APIs. You can view which APIs those are by using the usage parameter. This means there are 3 endpoints to query:

  • - Shows all available endpoints
  • - Shows endpoints intended for clients
  • - Shows endpoints intended for servers

Dedicated server accounts do not have access to all accounts-related endpoints, which is why it's recommended to use the Ubisoft authentication method rather than the dedicated server method.

Endpoints history

We are tracking this endpoint API through Github for changes Nadeo makes in real time. This is also pushed to Discord in our #announce channel.