Get player club tags

Audience: NadeoServices


Query parameters:

  • {accountIdList} (string) A comma-separated list of account IDs *

Gets player club tags from account IDs.


  • This endpoint is only accessible with tokens authenticated through Ubisoft user accounts (as opposed to dedicated server accounts). If you encounter 401 errors using a dedicated server account, switch to using a Ubisoft account.
  • This endpoint has no intrinsic limit on the number of account IDs requested, but it will return a 414 error if the request URI length is 8220 characters or more (corresponding to just over 200 account IDs, depending on how you encode the URI).

Example request:


Example response:

    "accountId": "5b4d42f4-c2de-407d-b367-cbff3fe817bc",
    "clubTag": "$F05TSH",
    "timestamp": "2022-04-18T10:35:43+00:00"

If an accountId is invalid, the response will contain an error message:

  "code": "C-AA-00-03",
  "correlation_id": "8646a82e689541aff09f34244d879d88",
  "message": "There was a validation error.",
  "info": {
    "accountIdList": "Invalid account id."