Get equipped skins

Audience: NadeoServices


Query parameters:

  • {accountIdList} (string) Comma-separated list of account IDs *

Gets the equipped skins data for the requested users.


  • This endpoint only returns a skin's identifier - if you need to retrieve the actual skin information, you can use the skin info endpoint.

Example request:


Example response:

    "accountId": "5b4d42f4-c2de-407d-b367-cbff3fe817bc",
    "skinId": "dca3a74a-acf5-4780-8842-15ba80c3b673",
    "skinType": "Models/CarSport",
    "timestamp": "2023-06-01T15:18:02+00:00"
    "accountId": "da4642f9-6acf-43fe-88b6-b120ff1308ba",
    "skinId": "28ea4f72-7a5b-42b2-a082-cc6c59616918",
    "skinType": "Models/CarSport",
    "timestamp": "2023-05-25T22:16:09+00:00"

If an accountId is invalid, the response will contain an error message (along with status code 400):

    "code": "C-AA-00-03",
    "correlation_id": "2b43d7ab9ac81778cdae282cd5644fe4",
    "message": "There was a validation error.",
    "info": {
        "accountIdList": "Invalid account id."

If an accountId belongs to a user without an equipped skin, that user will be omitted from the results.