Get skin info

Audience: NadeoServices


Path parameters:

  • {skinId} (string) The requested skin's ID *

Gets the skin information for the requested skin ID.


  • This endpoint is only accessible with tokens authenticated through Ubisoft user accounts (as opposed to dedicated server accounts). If you encounter 401 errors using a dedicated server account, switch to using a Ubisoft account.

Example request:


Example response:

  "creatorId": "3468343f-bc7f-4ddd-938f-0f118d13cdc9",
  "checksum": "50768A804AB4382B90A744C401B50A6C245B5CA5C707F6C7DE9ADA295A70D35F",
  "filename": "",
  "fileOptimizedUrl": "",
  "fileUrl": "",
  "skinDisplayName": "ProffCarbon",
  "skinId": "dca3a74a-acf5-4780-8842-15ba80c3b673",
  "skinName": "Skins\\Models\\CarSport\\",
  "skinType": "Models/CarSport",
  "thumbnailUrl": "",
  "timestamp": "2020-11-29T21:00:10+00:00"

If the skinId is invalid, the response will contain an error message (along with status code 400):

  "code": "C-AA-00-03",
  "correlation_id": "4680da87c7ec7568901dfa1dbbc424e8",
  "message": "There was a validation error.",
  "info": {
    "skinId": "Invalid uuid."