Get map info

Audience: NadeoServices


Query parameters:

  • {mapIdList} (string) A comma-separated list of map IDs *
  • {mapUidList} (string) A comma-separated list of map UIDs *

Gets map information for a number of maps at once.


  • The two parameters work the same way, but you can only use one of them at a time.
  • This endpoint has no intrinsic limit on the number of map IDs requested, but it will return a 414 error if the request URI length is 8220 characters or more (corresponding to just over 200 map IDs or almost 300 map UIDs, depending on how you encode the URI).

Example request:


Example response:

    "author": "d7c02452-7333-49df-8a31-4cf932475007",
    "authorScore": 47017,
    "bronzeScore": 71000,
    "collectionName": "Stadium",
    "filename": "Ceramic Terrace.Map.Gbx",
    "goldScore": 50000,
    "isPlayable": true,
    "mapId": "7c213041-2b35-4fd5-bf02-d2d6815b1cfe",
    "mapStyle": "",
    "mapType": "TrackMania\\TM_Race",
    "mapUid": "CxVgpC7yvEvdEBSL4Kk6SKrTdue",
    "name": "Ceramic Terrace",
    "silverScore": 57000,
    "submitter": "d7c02452-7333-49df-8a31-4cf932475007",
    "timestamp": "2022-05-25T15:35:51+00:00",
    "fileUrl": "",
    "thumbnailUrl": ""
    "author": "3bb0d130-637d-46a6-9c19-87fe4bda3c52",
    "authorScore": 56105,
    "bronzeScore": 85000,
    "collectionName": "Stadium",
    "filename": "Poggadopolis 2033.Map.Gbx",
    "goldScore": 60000,
    "isPlayable": true,
    "mapId": "11d40c4f-5d95-48ca-a564-a7576fad1c30",
    "mapStyle": "",
    "mapType": "TrackMania\\TM_Race",
    "mapUid": "kgeriJWc1DqgHfAnRX6k8d3XW2c",
    "name": "$s$F90P$F91og$E92ga$E93do$E94p$E95o$D95l$D96is$D97 2$C9803$C993",
    "silverScore": 68000,
    "submitter": "3bb0d130-637d-46a6-9c19-87fe4bda3c52",
    "timestamp": "2022-06-07T13:52:01+00:00",
    "fileUrl": "",
    "thumbnailUrl": ""

If a mapId is invalid, the response will contain an error message:

    "code": "C-AA-00-03",
    "correlation_id": "10d26dadac018cccf1c9bcf138e3fb1c",
    "message": "There was a validation error.",
    "info": {
        "mapIdList": "Invalid uuid."

If a mapUid is invalid, that map will not be returned in the response.