Get club upload activity by ID

Audience: NadeoLiveServices


Path parameters:

  • {clubID} (integer) The ID of the club the upload activity belongs to *
  • {bucketID} (integer) The ID of the upload activity to be requested *

Query parameters:

  • {length} (integer) The number of items to retrieve
    Default: 10
  • {offset} (integer) The number of items to skip
    Default: 0

Gets the maps, items, or skins in a specific upload activity.


  • The returned bucket will have one of three types : map-upload, skin-upload, or item-upload. These relate to club track uploads, skin uploads and item collection activities, respectively.
  • The primary identifier for items in the returned bucket is their itemId. For maps this will be a mapUid and for skins this is a skinID.
  • As of 2024-01-17, this endpoint's response links to .dds media files by default, while several scaled .png/.jpg versions are available using separate fields (see example below for reference).

Example request:


Example response:

  "type": "map-upload",
  "bucketItemList": [
      "itemId": "zOAI0h0WgikjTVv2RHcPShABLq0",
      "position": 0,
      "description": "",
      "mediaUrls": [],
      "mediaUrlsJpgLarge": [],
      "mediaUrlsJpgMedium": [],
      "mediaUrlsJpgSmall": [],
      "mediaUrlsDds": []
      "itemId": "wQS2NQxwV_PVweJb1MoBwft2bs6",
      "position": 9,
      "description": "",
      "mediaUrls": [],
      "mediaUrlsJpgLarge": [],
      "mediaUrlsJpgMedium": [],
      "mediaUrlsJpgSmall": [],
      "mediaUrlsDds": []
  "bucketItemCount": 63,
  "popularityLevel": 0,
  "popularityValue": 0,
  "creationTimestamp": 1673276709,
  "creatorAccountId": "fc8467b8-b253-457f-b8bb-3bbd2bb5bfdd",
  "latestEditorAccountId": "fc8467b8-b253-457f-b8bb-3bbd2bb5bfdd",
  "id": 344426,
  "clubId": 42175,
  "clubName": "$Z$f72ArEyeses$fff' $888Club",
  "name": "Randomly Generated G",
  "mediaUrl": "",
  "mediaUrlPngLarge": "",
  "mediaUrlPngMedium": "",
  "mediaUrlPngSmall": "",
  "mediaUrlDds": "",
  "mediaTheme": ""