Get challenge

Audience: NadeoLiveServices


Path parameters:

  • {challengeId} (string) A valid challenge ID *

Gets challenge details for a challenge ID.


  • Note that challenges are different from competitions - challenges are separate leaderboard structures that can be part of a competition (for example in the form of a qualifying session).
  • Typically challenges are used for qualifiers in larger competitions - the relevant challengeId can be retrieved using the competition rounds endpoint.

Example request:


Example response:

  "id": 409,
  "uid": "8c4a18cc-dca7-4fe2-8dc3-55e40120ad26",
  "name": "Cup of the Day 2021-08-14 #2 - Challenge",
  "scoreDirection": "ASC",
  "startDate": 1628989260,
  "endDate": 1628990160,
  "status": "SERVER_DELETED",
  "resultsVisibility": "PUBLIC",
  "creator": "afe7e1c1-7086-48f7-bde9-a7e320647510",
  "admins": [
  "nbServers": 0,
  "autoScale": true,
  "nbMaps": 1,
  "leaderboardId": 2003,
  "deletedOn": null,
  "leaderboardType": "SUM",
  "completeTimeout": 5

If a challengeId is invalid, the response will contain a 404 response code.