Get favorite maps


Path parameters:

  • {length} (integer) The number of maps to retrieve (10 by default, 100 is the maximum)
  • {offset} (integer) The number of maps to skip

Retrieves the player's favorite maps.


  • This endpoint requires the read_favorite scope.
  • This endpoint can not be used with a token obtained from the Client Credentials flow, because it has to be associated with a player.
  • The access token has to be provided in the Authorization header in the format Bearer <token>.

Example request:


Example response:

  "list": [
      "uid": "JlxlB7KbrCfhjAf5ld89ByXR987",
      "name": "Winter 2022 - 01",
      "author": "d2372a08-a8a1-46cb-97fb-23a161d85ad0",
      "thumbnailUrl": ""