Get player matchmaking ranks

Audience: NadeoLiveServices


Path parameters:

  • {matchmakingType} (integer) The ID of the matchmaking type *

Query parameters:

  • {accountID} (string) A valid account ID *

Gets matchmaking ranks (for the specified type) for the requested players.


  • The matchmakingType parameter is typically one of 2 (Ranked) or 3 (Royal). For a dynamic way of retrieving those IDs see the matchmaking summary endpoint.
  • The cardinal field in the response is the total number of players in the ranking.
  • To get data for more than one account at a time, you can send an array of values instead of a single value - see the second example below.
  • This endpoint has no intrinsic limit on the number of account IDs requested, but it will return a 414 error if the request URI length is 8220 characters or more (corresponding to just over 150 account IDs, depending on how you encode the URI).

Example request:[]=f7fab1a3-3bcc-4ffa-8ce3-45cea7ab89c3

Example response:

  "matchmakingId": 2,
  "cardinal": 1158029,
  "results": [
      "player": "f7fab1a3-3bcc-4ffa-8ce3-45cea7ab89c3",
      "rank": 924,
      "score": 2431

To retrieve data for more than one account at once, send the accountID values as follows:


If the requested matchmakingType does not exist, the response will contain an error.