Get club competitions

Audience: NadeoLiveServices


Query parameters:

  • {length} (integer) The number of competitions to retrieve
    Default: 0
  • {offset} (integer) The number of competitions to skip
    Default: 0

Gets a list of competitions in clubs the current user is a member of.


  • This endpoint is only useful with tokens authenticated through Ubisoft user accounts (as opposed to dedicated server accounts).
  • This endpoint requires the current user to own Club Access - otherwise they can't join any clubs, and this endpoint will always respond with an empty list.

Example request:


Example response:

  "clubCompetitions": [
      "activityId": 139313,
      "clubId": 548,
      "maxPlayers": 64,
      "type": "DEFAULT",
      "name": "RTG Cup",
      "logoUrl": "",
      "verticalUrl": ""
  "clubCompetitionsCount": 4

If no relevant club competitions exist, the response will contain an empty array:

  "clubCompetitions": [],
  "clubCompetitionsCount": 0