Get favorite maps

Audience: NadeoLiveServices


Query parameters:

  • {offset} (integer) The number of maps to skip *
  • {length} (integer) The number of maps to retrieve *
  • {sort} (string) The sorting of the maps
    Default: date
  • {order} (string) The order of the maps based on the sorting
    Default: desc
  • {mapType} (string) The map type filter
    Default: TrackMania\TM_Race
  • {playable} (boolean) Whether the map is validated and playable

Retrieves your authenticated account's favorite tracks along with their information.


  • This endpoint is only useful with tokens authenticated through Ubisoft user accounts (as opposed to dedicated server accounts).

Example request:


Example response:

  "mapList": [
      "uid": "QleO8OiNAkIXrZs6r0YLSrLBjEi",
      "mapId": "606e4e16-f1d6-467c-9859-f1837a452166",
      "name": "MIDNIGHT METROPOLIS",
      "author": "144fce06-9b90-4af9-a5b0-9148bcc0566f",
      "submitter": "144fce06-9b90-4af9-a5b0-9148bcc0566f",
      "authorTime": 55910,
      "goldTime": 60000,
      "silverTime": 68000,
      "bronzeTime": 84000,
      "nbLaps": 0,
      "valid": false,
      "downloadUrl": "",
      "thumbnailUrl": "",
      "uploadTimestamp": 1631578171,
      "updateTimestamp": 1658421115,
      "fileSize": null,
      "public": false,
      "favorite": false,
      "playable": true,
      "mapStyle": "TrackMania\\TM_Race",
      "mapType": "TrackMania\\TM_Race",
      "collectionName": "Stadium"
  "itemCount": 1