Get match information

Audience: NadeoClubServices


Path parameters:

  • {matchId} (string) A valid match ID *

Gets match information for a given match ID.


  • Match information is only stored on Nadeo's servers for about a month - afterwards, requesting it will only result in a 404 response code.
  • There are two different match IDs which are both supported by this endpoint - the primary id is always numerical, while the liveId is a string typically starting with "LID-MTCH-.

Example request:


Example response:

    "id": 3650039,
    "liveId": "LID-MTCH-qvyq1ygud4nyjty",
    "name": "Official 3v3 - match",
    "startDate": 1675846613,
    "endDate": 1675848413,
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "participantType": "team",
    "joinLink": "#join=5IC1PtE8TSS9PdchZDxY8A@Trackmania",
    "serverStatus": "DELETED",
    "manialink": "DESC"

If a matchId is invalid, the response will contain a 404 response code.

This endpoint was changed in February 2023 to no longer include the serverConfig along with the removal of several other fields - the previous response structure can be found below for reference.




    "id": 3018551,
    "liveId": "LID-MTCH-hbwk5tnbsddmnhd",
    "name": "Official 3v3 - match",
    "startDate": 1663417867,
    "endDate": 1663419667,
    "scoreDirection": "DESC",
    "serverConfig": {
        "name": "default",
        "script": "TrackMania/TM_Teams_Matchmaking_Online.Script.txt",
        "scriptSettings": {
            "S_WarmUpNb": 1,
            "S_WarmUpDuration": 30,
            "S_UseCustomPointsRepartition": true,
            "S_NoRoundTie": true,
            "S_BalanceScore": true,
            "S_PointsRepartition": "6,5,4,3,2,1",
            "S_DecoImageUrl_WhoAmIUrl": "",
            "S_ScriptEnvironment": "test",
            "S_MatchmakingId": "2"
        "password": "",
        "maxPlayers": 10,
        "maxSpectators": 10,
        "plugin": "server-plugins/Club/ClubPlugin.Script.txt",
        "pluginSettings": {
            "S_ImmutableMatch": true,
            "S_AutoStartMode": "light",
            "S_EnableMatchSheet": false
        "maps": [
        "voteRatios": {
            "ban": -1,
            "kick": -1,
            "restartMap": -1,
            "nextMap": -1,
            "jumpToMapIndex": -1,
            "jumpToMapIdent": -1,
            "setNextMapIndex": -1,
            "setNextMapIdent": -1,
            "autoTeamBalance": -1,
            "setModeScriptSettings": -1
    "serverId": 4092404,
    "serverStatus": "DELETED",
    "joinLink": "#join=oCwp9D8ISxGEyAIDlBuk2Q@Trackmania",
    "status": "COMPLETED",
    "participantType": "team",
    "manialink": "",
    "deletedOn": null,
    "group": "matchmaking_2",
    "policy": null,
    "region": null,
    "autoMode": "ENABLED"